Kimbo Slices Into Tank Abbott and Exposes Americas Racial Divide.

Kimbo Slice

I was at a fight party. Usually when their is a fight that is worth watching, me and my crew get together at somebodys house and watch it. Actually, there were two “fights” that were on that night. Jermaine Taylor vs. Kelly Pavlik and Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott. Ironically, both bouts pitted White and Black fighters against each other. But we are going to stay the course and focus on the Kimbo fight.

Kimbo was 2-0 going into his fight with Tank (who is at a vibrant 42 years of age) who by the way is a veteran to the world of mma but he is deffinitely past his prime. As the fight starts, it is apparent early on that Kimbo is going to decide when this fight ends. A blow to the back of the head causes the referee to stop the fight (illegal in most mma circles) giving Tank a reprieve and he is given more time to survive. Later in the fight, the fight is again stopped because Kimbos mouth piece is missing. Kimbo finds his mouth piece and then flings it into the audience. A gesture which should endear him to an extent to a casual or avid mma fan. But then again, with all that gold crap that is in his mouth, it is OBVIOUS that he does not give a crap about his teeth.

But to make a short story, and a short fight even shorter, Kimbo drops Tank a couple of times and the fight is ended. At the fight party I was attending, an attendee was adamant that Kimbo would lose to a “real” fighter. That a Randy Coture would tap him out. I usually confront people on sports related issues but I had a little bit to drink and it was my friends birthday so I let it go for the time being.

I then wanted to check the pulse of the nation, if you will, so I headed to the message boards. The reoccuring theme was that Kimbo could not beat a “real” fighter. That he would be destroyed by _______ (fill in the blank with any white fighter and that was most commonly used). And that other fighters would just tap him out. These were the “criticisms” of Kimbos performance against Tank Abbott. These were the “reasons” why people don’t like Kimbo and or want to see him defeated.

A couple of things jump out at me when I read these criticisms. So I would like to address each of them”

  1. Kimbo has only had three MMA fights. Whenever a fighter, be it boxer or any type of mma fighter starts their career, the difficulty of their opposition increases as they progress. In other words, “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler and Tommy the “Hit Man” Hearns did not decide who was the baddest middleweight on the planet until both of them were 20-30 professional fights into their careers. To ask Kimbo to fight an established fighter in his 4th pro fight would be unprecedented and stupid. Stupid from a business standpoint and from a fighter development standpoint. From a fighters standpoint, we have to look at former Olympic gold medalist David Reid (a whopping 14-0) when he fought Felix “Tito” Trinidad and was annihialated so thoroughly that he ended his career at 17-2! An unheard of fate for a former Olympic gold medalist. From a business standpoint, we all know or should have learned, that fights become jucier as the two potential combatants build up their resumes. That is when the public gets the time to debate who is better and then they feel compelled to pay money in order to see who is better.
  2. Bob Arum said that the only consumer group that boxing is losing to MMA/UFC is young white males. “Boxing was impacted by MMA in one group and one group alone — the young, male, Caucasian demographic,” said Bob Arum, chairman of Top Rank. “They tended to go away from boxing and to mixed martial arts.” That was largely because, Arum said, the young white males looked at most of the UFC fighters and saw themselves. Unfortunately, this groups loyalty to MMA has a way of negatively manifesting itself when non white fighters have success in the UFC/MMA field. You will not be able to convince me otherwise because I have seen FAR to many Black/African American fighters get booed after victories over their white counterparts. I always pay attention to that type of detail and it always bothers me. The reason being, if you truly LOVE a sport, then it should not matter what color the competitors in it are.
  3. Another opinion expressed as to why, Kimbo is no good, and this is why I want to see him lose, is because some submissions expert would just make him tap out. This view is just skin color prejudice all dressed up in a nice two piece suit. Objectively speaking, most people prefer to see people pound each others brains out. Further proof of this is the disdain that UFC fans had for Royce Gracie (grappler/submissions expert) in his prime and the LOVE they have for Chuck Lidell (striker/KO artist).

The mma/ufc fans need to give Kimbo time to build his resume. He needs to get some wins and experience under his belt and then let him fight the better mma fighters out there, regardless of what league they are in. Personally, I would like to see Kimbo fight Bob Sapp, Butterbean and Mike Tyson. That is two novelties and one former legendary heavyweight champion. I am well aware that those three opponents are not great in any aspect of the word but you have to admit that all 3 of them deserve to have their asses kicked.

But I was compelled to write this article due to what I perceive as skin color prejudice against Kimbo. On the surface, Kimbo appears to be a very honorable fighter. After he beat Ray Mercer, he wanted to shake his hand but Ray Mercer left the ring. Kimbo called him out and said that he showed poor sportsmanship. All you have to do is watch his you tube fights to see that he is really a blue colar type of guy who respects his opponents and his craft. If anything, Kimbo is somewhat of an old school fighter in that you would have to kill him in order to defeat him. He has said on numerous occasions that he would rather pass out than tap out if put into a submission hold. This type of fighter/competitor should be EMBRACED by the mma/ufc community! He represents everything UFC/mma fans claim to like in the first place!

Yeah the fans claimed to be fans of UFC and mma because of their love of the sport but as I see it, all these Kimbo detractors loved was seeing White champions.

Oh yeah, happy Black history month!


10 Responses to “Kimbo Slices Into Tank Abbott and Exposes Americas Racial Divide.”

  1. 1 rondousa
    February 21, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    MMA/UFC were created (or exported here whichever is the case) by white guys because there werent enough white champions. That should be obvious to the blogger here if he studied history amnd understood that this sport is now where boxing was around the turn of the 19 th century when John L Sullivan foght.

    If you look at grainy old boxing films you will see that the sport itself was similar, populated mostly with crude, awkward fighters and an occasional circus strongman and held in small, nasty looking venues. Any fitghter with a modicum of skill (skills the average boxer today could easily match), was a “legend”. Boxing evolved from rules actually similar to these “open rules” called London Prize Fight Rules. So I guess it might be more accuarate to say this sport is actually pre-1890’s than turn of the century.

    Oh yes there were black fighters. And people hated them. Seriously hated them. These were opportunities for white men to gather and watch a black man get beaten. But when this didnt happen it only sufficed to make more money. Crude promoters got the message…racism sells.

    So I assume they will try to rush this guy and get him knocked off early. I was already listening to the announcers talking about Ken Shamrock after he had beaten Tank Abbot, another unskilled crude looking fighter who they thought was a “real” man. (I looked at all the fat around his middle and had to laugh).

    So this sport is of interest to me becasue it was probably the way it was 120 years ago. A throwback to an older time only they were more open about their racism their and openly used the N word freely.

  2. 3 jollybob
    April 4, 2008 at 1:11 am

    i am most deffinitly not a racist by ANY means, however i would have liked to see tank abbot take kimbos head off with one blow. i dont understand why virtually every one i meet online despises tank… he is a very well established fighter, grant it i and many others are well aware that he is well beyond his prime. it took him years to become the fighter that he was and people just treat him like he is and always was a nobody. it is demeaning to the sport it self in my opinion. its also a fucking shame that racism sells. but i honestly dont think that ufc, mma, or pride fights are focused on white supremacy. no matter what the steriotypical fight fan is.

  3. April 24, 2008 at 1:18 am

    Which is why Anderson Silva, Quinton Jackson, Big Nog and BJ Penn are so hated, everyone on the internet thinks they suck…

  4. April 24, 2008 at 7:27 am

    How does someone thinking that such and such a fighter make them a racist. Kimbo would lose to Kevin Randleman, and Rampage Jackson in my opinion. The problem a lot of people have with Kimbo is that he is so hyped, and has really not fought anyone of any substance.
    I personally like Kimbo. He has good, solid, accurate punches with good body movement. But you have to face the reality that Kimbo’s ground game has never been tested, and you know he has little bjj experience. Butterbean fights in mma as well, and I like him too, but you have be such a well rounded fighter to actually make it far in the mma world. Anderson Silva is a perfect example of a mma champion. He’s fucking amazing at every aspect of the game, and definitely one of my favorite fighters.

    Just because there aren’t many really good black fighters does not make fans racist for liking good fighters. Check the message boards again, look at how many people fucking LOVE Rampage. He has a great personality, and a great fighter. Lots of people fucking hate Fedore Emilianenko because he doesn’t like much publicity, and took a deal for money over the best competition.

    Lastly, Rondousa, you don’t know what you are talking about. Vale Tudo was the first real mma venue that started in South america, and also held bouts in Japan, where fighters were mostly Brazilian and Japanese. When the UFC was originally started it was a circus of open weight bouts where fighters were usually poorly trained streetfighters. If there is a problem with racism in the current UFC or other mma organizations it’s because racism is a real life problem which exist in reality. Reality, coincidentally, is where mma exists. The fighting organizations were created to test the skills of one person against the skills of another fighter. They were not created by whit males to prove that white males are the bestest race and gender ever. Pull you head out of your ass. Quit playing the race card every time some guy doesn’t like a guy from a different race. You just to have to accept the fact that some people are racist, and hope that some day this changes.

  5. April 24, 2008 at 7:30 am

    that fist sentence was supposed to be:
    How does someone thinking that such and such a fighter can beat this other fighter make them a racist?

  6. 7 BJ and The Bear
    April 24, 2008 at 11:31 pm

    Whites have always dominated blacks at wrestling. Blacks have narrower hips on average which places them at a disadvantage in balance. Balance is key to wrestling and wrestling is a key ingredient in MMA. You can easily overcome “speed” once you enter the realm of grappling so blacks will never dominate.

    Having said that, we don’t need to give Kimbo time to “build” anything. Kimbo gets a lot of attention for having done nothing. We need no more wait to say he’s done nothing than everyone else needs to wait before they splatter his name all over MMA message boards. I mean, how many other guys given his resume would you bother to make a post like this about? Do you make it a habit to find guys with two or three real fights and devote several paragraphs to them? Kimbo’s reputation outstrips his ability as things stand so don’t get pissed when people want to tell you how things stand.

  7. 8 demond thornton
    May 21, 2008 at 9:47 pm

    everybodys hates kimbo because he kicks ass.He will beat the shit out of anybody in the in ufc mma my money is on kimbo

  8. 9 BPuddin
    November 9, 2008 at 7:59 pm


    You are a moron at best. Both about fighing and about race matters.
    Kudos for pulling the typical race card bullshit where it has no place and wasn’t warrented on any level.

    Do I really need to point-out your ignorance about MMA, boxing or fighting in general? Especially since all those you critized were correct about KIMBO NOT being a REAL fighter and merely an thug that was riding the hype of ignorance like your own…

    He got KO’ed in 19 seconds by a NO-NAME WHITE GUY that weighed 30-40 lbs less than KIMBO. What a joke!

    “Yeah the fans claimed to be fans of UFC and mma because of their love of the sport but as I see it, all these Kimbo detractors loved was seeing White champions.”

    No MORON, we just DO NOT like promoters playing on the igorance of the public (YOU) and making a mockery of our SPORT!


    Like they say, It is better to remain silent and appear ignorant. Rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt. I would suggest that you keep your racist pie-hole shut!

  9. 10 napulator
    November 10, 2008 at 6:12 am

    Sigh…I am assuming you are White. Talking about race as it pertains to the treatment of people in America in no way makes me a racist. In case you had no noticed, every American sport has had racial issues at some point in its history. MMA/UFC is fairly recent so the issues are much milder than issues of the past. I would bet that my circle of friends is vastly more diverse thatn yours.

    And you calling Kimbo a thug is based on what? I am sure that a non racist person such as yourself would not be calling him a thug merely because he is Black. Andsince you are not racist, then what does the race of the guy who KO’ed him have to do wiht anything?

    I wrote this article a long time ago. But I don’t think I ever believed that Kimbo was great..hell, his dumb ass STILL smokes cigarettes. I just thought he should not be hated…all he was doing was capitalizing off of his internet success. Compare that to all of the white athletes that have been over hyped and overrated so that the promotoers would have something to sell to the American public.

    In closing, I leave you with this…Barack Obama.

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