Leonard throwing a punch at Hagler in their hgihly anticipated match.When I was a youngster in the 80’s, I wanted to be a professional boxer.  What I remember of boxing in the 80’s was that I enjoyed watching Sugar Ray Leonard fight.  I have memories of Leonard fighting Marvin Hagler and Donnie Lalonde.  I also remember watching boxing in the 88 Olympics.  Around this time, there was a video game called Mike Tysons punchout.  Their was a character in the game called Piston Honda.  He was a big Asian boxer from Japan.  In the olympic match that I saw, I remember an American fighter fighting an Asian boxer and I remember being worried about his safety.  The funny thing about looking back on your childhood is that you see things so much differently when you are older.  

Leonard was great at welterweight and he was my favorite boxer when I was a kid.  But looking back on what I remember of his career, he fought Hagler and at the time, I thought that he beat him.  But when I watch the fight now,  I see that Leonard was given the decision not because he won the fight but because it was a moral victory for him to come out of retirement and go the distance with Hagler.  The whole fight, Leonard ran.  In an of itself, that is fine but, you have to engage the opponent while moving.  Stick and move as they say.  Kinda like Ali vs. Foreman.  Also Leonard was beaten down by Tommy Hearns in each of their last two fights.  One last thing that caused me to evict Leonard from the sacred place he once had in my heart.  He shamelessly ducked Aaroy Pryor.

 That Olympic boxing match I saw involved someone who would become my favorite boxer of all time.  Roy Jones Jr, whooped the Korean fighter (who frankly deserves to remain nameless in this article), that day but as we all learned, at least one of the judges in that fight was bribed.  It is documented that a judge in that fight was bribed.  As the story goes, Roy Jones Jr. went on to be named the most outstanding boxer at the Olympic games.  He then went from middle weght champion of the world to heavy weight champion of the world.  A feat that no boxer from the past 50 years could match.  Recent current events in sports make me wonder why their was such an urgency to strip Marion Jones of her Olympic Gold medals for using banned substances when someone like Roy Jones was a true victim of injustice while a participant in the Seoul, Korea Olymic games.

 But that is me.  And this is me.


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