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The New England Patriots. Easily winning the Nail Bitters.

All season the New England Patriots have won. That is obvious. That is why we are all paying attention. The Patriots have won by in dominating fashion (Washington redskins) and have won by the skin of their teeth (thank you Baltimore Ravens). In the beginning and middle parts of the year they were beating teams so bad, that I literally thought it was Saturday, not Sunday, and that I was watching a team from the SEC playing a team from the MAC. As the season progressed, their competition rose to the occasion. They just could not rise higher than the Pats. Regardless of the circumstance an no matter how inspired the opponent, they could not overcome the Patriots offensive and defensive consistency.

So the title of this article says easily winning the nail bitters. Nothing at this level of football comes easy. I guess “routinely” winning the nail bitters is more accurate. In spite of all of their success this season, the Giants do pose a legitimate threat this upcoming Sunday. The Giants are a a run oriented team and if their is a weakness to this team and the is a big IF, it is their senior crew of linebackers. Couple that with the New York Giants having a running back that is 6’4 260 pounds (Mr. Brandon Jacobs), then that could lead to encouraging some of these defenders to contemplate retirement, mid game. Would I bet on that bold prediction? Hell no! But the Superbowl is a beautiful thing. For me, it shows the very soul of the players playing in the game. From Eddie Georges td run in Superbowl XXIV to Jermaine Wiggins hurdle in XXXVIII. These guys really do take their game to another level during the Superbowl.

But let me wrap this up. The Patriots should win this Sunday. But due to the stage, the confidence level of the Giants and their style of play, I fully expect this to be another nail bitter for the Patriots.


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