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Sean Taylor, young, rich, Black and probably up to no good.

Sean Taylor at FSU 

When is it OK to blame someone for getting shot by a burglar in their own home?  I thought the answer to this question was never but as it turns out, I was wrong.

 I was in the comicbook store yesterday.  I was trying to kill some time and I figured I would indulge myself in the hobby I started when I was in middle school. 

The guy at the register was friendly and was listening to sports talk radio.  He started talking to me about the NFL and I obliged him.  He told me that he was a dolphins fan and that he wanted the Patriots to lose because he was tired of them winning all the time.  We stopped talking and then I continued browsing the back issues hoping to find some old Silver Surfer issues that I had missed. 

Over the radio the announcer said that Sean Taylor had just been shot.  I knew this already and I suspect that the gentleman at the cash register knew it as well.  He then said to me that he wished Ricky Williams had been shot.  His statement had undertones of racism but I did not engage him  like I normally do in such cases.  I merely pointed out that Ricky Williams did rush for 1800 yards when he was with the dolphins and he let the conversation end briefly. 

 I started looking for my child hood hero once more when I was again interrupted by the shop keep.  He said, “Still man…what was Sean Taylor doing?  Wasn’t he supposed to be at practice.”  I paused briefly and said, “He was injured.”  He responded with “Oh.”

This man is just one man and his reaction to Sean Taylor shooting is very disturbing.  His view is that Sean Taylor MUST have done something wrong or else who would not have been shot.  The news broad cast said that Sean Taylor was shot in his home while his fiancee was in the other room as was his child.  What makes this mans reaction particularly disturbing is that he hears this news and his first inclination is to come up with a scenario in his mind that makes Sean Taylor not an innocent victim but instead, someone who deserves to be shot. 

I enclosed a video with this article.  Sean Taylor was arguably the most physically gifted safety to ever play the position.  As an avid college football fan I am glad that he decided to forego his final year of eligibility.  He terrorized my hokies.  At the professional level, I appreciated the ability that he brought to the safety position.  He was a player that if you loved football, you had to take the time to appreciate this man perfecting his craft.  I will miss him and I know that he is in a better place.

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