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Roy Jones Jr. vs. Felix Trinidad the fight that should have never happenned..ever!

Roy Jones Jr. will be fighting Felix Trinidad later on this evening. In this fight between boxing champs of the 90’s, the only real winners will be the promoters while the only losers will be the fans and boxing. I am going to go briefly through my tale of the tape. So in this corner we have

Roy Jones Jr.

His deal.

Arguably the most physically gifted fighter ever at any weight class, he has been at times put in the rare position of being asked to go above and beyond what other modern day fighters have to do to “prove” their greatness.

What he brings to this fight?

I fully expect a Roy Jones knockout. He is bigger, stronger, faster, quicker and should be in better condition. If Jones does NOT knock him out, then shame on him. He has all the tools to do it and he does owe the sport of boxing and its fans a little something special after his shameless performance against Tarver in his third fight where his only goal was to prove that he could last 12 rounds without getting knocked out. But champions are determined in real life and not on my blog. So in this corner…

Felix “Tito” Trinidad

His deal.

Was a welterweight juggernaut in the early 90’s. He beat everyone he fought and that included the “golden boy.” Even in that fight, he was being completely out boxed until De La Hoya decided to run away and coast for the latter half of the fight.

What he brings to this fight?

Unbelievable slowness coupled with great punching power. Now Trinidad is slower, less quick and weaker but he is usually all of those things when he fights any of his opponents. Roy Jones does have a suspect chin and Trinidad could exploit that weakness if he can land (more to that in my conclusion).

And the winner is…

Roy Jones. Trinidad has been known as a knockout artist. But that was at 147 pounds and then at 154 pounds. He has beaten only one true middle weight, DC’s own William Joppy. In this fight he will be fighting someone who is bigger and probably has a better chin than Joppy. Wow. He has already found out what Oscar De La Hoya found out when he “beat” Felix Sturn.

Force = Mass x Acceleration

The only difference is that Oscar knows and respects this limitation. Even after the whooping he got from Bernard Hopkins, Trinidad just won’t admit that he is just a fat welterweight. You know what they say, de Nile is a river in Egypt. Unfortunately for my Trinidad supporters, that rivers name is Roy Jones and Tito, cannot swim.


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